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Back in Business

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Dear friends and visitors,

Apologies for the hiatus in postings. The website crashed several months ago, and it's relaunch involved moving and rebuilding at Thanks to Jon Armstrong for retrieving many of the old blog entries (sorry if one you're looking for is gone) and for redesigning the site better than ever. (We're still working out a few kinks.) Jon had great things to say about So fingers crossed, we're  all set.

Next week will find me posting at Specifically, I've been invited to be part of the discussion panel that will debut the new ScienceBlogs Book Club. The best part of the assignment is the book being read and discussed: Carl Zimmer's latest, MICROCOSM: E. coli and the New Science of Life.

Microcosom.jpgI've had the pleasure of watching Carl's writing career evolve over the last 18 years, since the day he climbed on board the Science Digest/Discover magazine train in 1990.

I don't yet have a page link for the book club. Meanwhile, check out Carl's most excellent blog: The Loom.

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