Good Germs, Bad Germs

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Sept. 25, 2008, "Frontiers of Health," Second Annual SNAP Gathering, Boulder, CO


Talks & Readings:
quirks_quarks_logo.jpgDec. 15, 2007: Quirks & Quarks, with Bob McDonald, CBC Radio, Annual Holiday Book Show. LISTEN

Dec. 6, 7:30pm, Maplewood Memorial Library, Maplewood, NJ

Nov. 27, 7-9pm, NonFiction Night, KGB Bar, East Village

Nov. 13, 4-6pm, University of Albany Science Library Colloquia Series

Oct. 21, 1-3pm, Book Launch, The Goat Cafe, South Orange, NJ

Dec. 10, The Today Show, "Bath Time Today"

Nov. 13, 5 o'clock news, WNYT (NBC) Albany, NY

Nov. 5, noon, Daily Cafe with Felicia Taylor and Bobbie Battista, RLTV

Dec. 4, "Late Mornings with David Schechtman," KVON, Napa Valley CA

Nov. 29, The Health Show, with Bob Barrett, "Good Germs, Bad Germs: Living in a Bacterial World," National Public Radio

Nov. 12, 11:15-noon Eastern, HealthQuest Live with Sara Lomax-Reese, WURD AM 900, Philadelphia.

Nov. 8, 11am-noon Central, Focus 580 with David Inge, WILL AM 580, Illinois Public Radio

Nov. 6, 11-11:30am Pacific, Talk It Out with Terry Spence, CFAX AM 1070

Nov. 2, 10-10:30am, Central, Just for the Health of It with Susie Glascock, KOKX 1310 AM, Iowa

Oct. 31, 12:35pm Eastern, Health Matters with Jamie West, CHML AM, 900, Hamilton, Ontario

Oct. 25, KOMO 1000 AM News Radio, Seattle

Oct. 17, Coast-to-Coast with Frank Norrey, "Good & Bad Bacteria," "MRSA Spread," "The Ricky Lannetti Case"

Oct . 15, WPHT 1210 Philadelphia:
The Michael Smerconish Morning Show

Podcasts & Online Discussions:
"Bacteria Wars," Science Times Weekly Podcast with David Corcoran, first broadcast Nov. 29

Good Germs, Bad Germs, ReachMD Book Club with Leslie Lundt,

Can Germs Keep Us Healthy, Newsweek Live Talk online discussion (Oct. 23)

Good Germs, Bad Germs, Scientific American podcast--Science Talk with Steve Mirsky. first broadcast Oct. 24

Author interview, If You're Just Joining Us, with Jon Armstrong

Coast-to-Coast with Frank Norrey, "Good & Bad Bacteria," "MRSA Spread," "The Ricky Lannetti Case." first broadcast Oct. 17


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