JSS: November 2007 Archives

* New Jersey Funeral Directors Association Convention, Ballys, Atlantic City, Sept. 11 and 12, 2006, "Corpse: Nature, Forensics and the Struggle to Pinpoint Time of Death"

* New York Foreign Press Center, March 3, 2006, "How Are Bloggers Redefining News in the U.S.?"

* University of California, San Francisco, "Forensic Medicine: The Science of Crime Scene Investigation"

* NY/Tri-State Sisters in Crime, Murder in the Millenium 2003 conference, "Forensic Investigation"

* NJ Romance Writers, 2002 annual conference, "Time of Death (Decomp 101)"

Television News

* CNN Headline News, "National Forensic Academy"

* Court TV with Nancy Grace, "Time of Death"

Radio Interviews

* Living on Earth (NPR) "Maggot P.I."

* Science Friday (NPR) "Forensic Science"

* Night Waves (BBC Radio 3) "Time of Death"

* Scotland-Sunday Live (BBC) "Corpse"

* Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, "Time of Death"

* The Todd Mundt Show (NPR)

* Between the Lines with Valerie Jackson (NPR) "Jessica Snyder Sachs, author of Corpse"

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